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Richard Piotrowski

Network Operations

Now You Have to Manage IT Cloud Costs Too: The New Game

Customers are always searching for ways to mitigate the excessive cloud costs; which vendors can help you the most?
Network Operations

Log Management Should be a Proactive Solution

SMB (Small Medium Business) or MSE (Medium Size Enterprise) must have a way to automatically find and repair known errors and incidents.
Security Operations

SMBs Benefit from How LogZilla NEO Outperforms All Other Log Management Solutions

Resolving Incidents at Line Speed with LogZilla NEO Pre-Processor
Risk Management

The OWASP Top 10

Why OWASP added logging for 2021 and what it means

Calling All Mid Sized Businesses: Resource Based Pricing Has Hidden Costs

Data Resources are not free - Splunk leads you down a costly path