We are always surprised to learn that prospective customers still think of Log Management as a reactive NetOps and SecOps exercise.  Someone internally changes a setup, or even worse, you are the target of a cyber-attack. You spend hours and days mitigating the impact and then you go back to your logs to see what occurred.

This reactive exercise is quite frequently the result of the users saying that their current log tool is too complicated, takes too long to set up various widgets, or costs too much to rehydrate data and set up proactive analytics.  

Your log management solution should be an integral and proactive part of your solution that is always on the front line and always being used.  

If you are part of a small team at an SMB (Small Medium Business), or even larger MSE (Medium Size Enterprise), then you need a way to automatically find and repair known errors and incidents. There just isn’t any extra time for trial and error.

That’s precisely why we built LogZilla NEO.  It does a LOT more than simple log management. True real-time speed, pre-built dashboards, rules, and alerts for vendors such as Barracuda Networks, Amazon AWS, Cisco IOS, Cisco Security, Cisco Meraki, Fortigate, InfoBlox, Juniper, Linux, Microsoft Windows, PaloAlto, TrendMicro, Zeek, and Watchguard (to name a few), automation and orchestration. Best of all, LogZilla can be installed and fully operational in seconds using a single command. Cloud, On-Prem, or Hybrid.

LogZilla's power allows proactive, real-time, mitigation and remediation. All of this saves you time, resources, and money.

September 13, 2022
Network Operations

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