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LogZilla’s flexible, value-based offerings make it easy to bring data to every question, decision and action.

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LogZilla is free for home/lab users (up to 500k EPD). After installing LogZilla, contact us to get your license.

VM Licenses start at just $120 per year!

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Fully installed and 100% operational in 30 seconds!

Minimum Requirements:

8 CPU Cores
8GB Ram
Direct Install
curl -fsSL https://logzilla.sh | sudo bash

Appliances start at just $4500 + annual license (as low as $120/yr)

Turnkey Appliances

LogZilla NEO Appliances are pre-loaded and pre-tuned with everything needed to manage your environment.

No configuration required.

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Licenses start at just $120 per year!

Minimum Requirements:

Current Linux OS
Docker Version 18.0.6+
8 CPU Cores
8GB Ram

Licenses start at just $120 per year!

Offline Install Method

For offline installations, LogZilla provides a built-in command which will package all containers for deployment to the air-gapped system. Simply install a demo/free copy of LogZilla to an internet-connected system and package them up for use in an offline system using the logzilla download command, then copy the files to the offline system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is LogZilla?

LogZilla is a Centralized Log Management platform, designed for IT Operations, Security, and Risk Management leaders who want to gain better incident investigation capabilities by capturing all network and security related logs into a single log collection platform without sacrificing speed or budget.

LogZilla Event Management Architecture

How is LogZilla Licensed?

LogZilla is licensed based on the total amount of Events Per Day and is far less than any "Resource-based pricing" or "Consumption Pricing" vendors.

We also offer unlimited plans to suit even the largest organizations.

How long can LogZilla store data?

Forever - if you have the disk space, you can store your archives for as long as you want.

Furthermore, LogZilla allows search on all archived data without the hassle of "restoring" the data before querying it.

What if we already Splunk, Elastic, or other SIEM tools?

LogZilla NEO works with any SIEM or log management tool, whether Splunk, ELK, Humio, DataDog, etc.

LogZilla's patented deduplication algorithm reduces the number of logs collected and stored up to 97% in less than 30 seconds.

How is LogZilla deployed?

LogZilla can be installed on-prem, cloud, or virtual and installs in about 30 seconds.