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LogZilla’s flexible, value-based offerings make it easy to bring data to every question, decision and action.

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LogZilla is free for home/lab users (up to 500k EPD). After installing LogZilla, contact us to get your license.
Free licenses do not include advanced features such as LDAP, Event Correlation, Event Routing to external systems or Role-Based Access.

VM Licenses start at just $499 per year!

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Fully installed and 100% operational in 30 seconds!

Minimum Requirements:

8 CPU Cores
8GB Ram
Direct Install
curl -fsSL https://logzilla.sh | sudo bash

Turnkey Appliances

LogZilla NEO Appliances are pre-loaded and pre-tuned with everything needed to manage your environment.

No configuration required.

LogZilla Appliance Icon

Licenses start at just $499 per year!

Minimum Requirements:

Current Linux OS
Docker Version 18.0.6+
8 CPU Cores
8GB Ram

Licenses start at just $499 per year!

Offline Install Method

For offline installations, LogZilla provides a built-in command which will package all containers for deployment to the air-gapped system. Simply install a demo/free copy of LogZilla to an internet-connected system and package them up for use in an offline system using the logzilla download command, then copy the files to the offline system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is LogZilla?

LogZilla is a software that collects, analyzes, and presents log data in real-time. It helps organizations to monitor and troubleshoot their IT systems more efficiently.

LogZilla Syslog Management Architecture

What kind of logs can LogZilla collect?

LogZilla can collect logs from various sources, including servers, network devices, security appliances, databases, and applications. It supports a wide range of log formats, such as syslog, SNMP, WMI, Windows Event Logs, and custom logs.

How does LogZilla help with log analysis?

LogZilla provides a centralized platform for log analysis, which enables users to search, filter, and correlate logs from different sources. It also offers visualizations and dashboards to help users understand their log data and identify trends, anomalies, and potential issues.

Can LogZilla alert me when there is an issue?

Yes, LogZilla can generate alerts based on predefined conditions, such as specific log patterns, thresholds, or anomalies. It can also trigger actions, such as sending emails or executing scripts, to automate the response to issues.

What are the system requirements for LogZilla?

The system requirements for LogZilla depend on the size and complexity of your log data. Generally, you need a server with sufficient CPU, memory, and storage capacity to handle the workload.

How is LogZilla deployed?

LogZilla can be deployed in various ways depending on the organization's needs and preferences. Here are some common deployment options:

  1. On-premises: LogZilla can be installed on a physical or virtual server within the organization's data center. This deployment option offers full control over the infrastructure and data.
  2. Cloud: LogZilla can be deployed on a cloud platform, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud (GCP), or Microsoft Azure. This deployment option offers scalability, flexibility, and ease of management, but may cost more due to cloud vendor pricing on data ingest.
  3. Appliance: LogZilla can be deployed as a pre-configured hardware appliance, which includes the software and hardware components in a single package. This deployment option offers simplicity and ease of deployment.

LogZilla provides documentation and support for each deployment option, and users can choose the one that best fits their needs and constraints.

Is LogZilla scalable?

Yes, LogZilla is designed to be highly scalable and can handle large volumes of log data with unlimited retention.

Can I try LogZilla before purchasing?

Yes, LogZilla offers a free trial version that you can download and use. The trial version includes all the features of the paid version, and you can test its functionality and performance with your own log data.

What kind of support does LogZilla offer?

LogZilla offers various support options, including documentation, forums, and email support. It also provides professional services, such as training, consulting, and customization, to help users maximize the value of their log data.

How much does LogZilla cost?

The cost of LogZilla depends on several factors, such as the number of log sources, the amount of log data, and the level of support required. LogZilla offers various pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets. You can contact LogZilla sales for a customized quote.