You’re being attacked. Right now.  You started to receive a few weird alerts and small things were being blocked. Later, you see that your system is being enumerated and network shares are being accessed.

  • Is it a full domain compromise?
  • Data Exfiltration?
  • Encrypted Servers?
  • Encryption of all Hypervisors?
  • Are you running a lot of legacy systems?
  • Log4J?

You work for a small-medium size (SMB) company with a limited budget.  You have a SIEM, but it's complicated, and you can’t determine what is going on ….right now. The emails are starting to arrive. The main phone is ringing, just as your mobile phone starts to buzz.

When we hear these issues, the question that comes to mind is why must everything be knee-jerk reactive instead of having a tool designed to be proactive? 

Many of our customers are using LogZilla NEO as a “Pre-SIEM.” This dramatically improves your ability to be proactive, while also reducing those overall SIEM costs – whether you are on the cloud or on-prem, or a hybrid. LogZilla NEO ingests/displays telemetry at line speed. It enriches that data, operates cross-silo creation of triggers and alerts, then automatically executes everything to solve real-world day-to-day problems. That’s true real-time.

The diagram below shows you that LogZilla NEO does a LOT more than simple log management. It’s a proactive mitigation and remediation tool as well. 

LogZilla SML Diagram

Check out any one of the numerous videos on our website showing solutions to problems – all done at line speed, without any Java. 

All of this saves you time, resources, and money.

In addition to all the other features that make your job easier, you also get value from LogZilla as licensing is inexpensive and it occurs on a single 1U server.

August 30, 2022
IT Operations

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