LogZilla is the world's first platform to provide real-time Operational Intelligence at enterprise scale, using a fraction of the resources required by other solutions.

We've worked on the largest networks in the world. We were the people getting called when something went wrong at the Fortune 1000. We decided to do something about the endless incidents and the manual processes required to solve them.

Born from a small open source experiment years ago by our CEO, we've taken the core concepts and lessons learned along the way of providing real-time visibility and automation in network operations from that open source "hobby" to a mature, intelligent, Network Event OrchestrationTM platform. LogZilla operates with easy to use dashboards delivering intelligent, automatic network operations for use by every enterprise on the planet.

Leadership Team

Clayton Dukes

Founder, CEO

PetE Willis

Co-Founder, Sales

Richard Piotrowski

Co-Founder, COO