LogZilla has been reducing ingestion costs on SIEM vendors for over a decade with a U.S. patent behind the process.

What Do SIEM Products Claim to Do?

SIEM products are intended to give Security Operations and Network Operations teams a real-time view of machine data from networks, data centers, or IT environments. These SIEM products offer to retain log records for data repositories, which enables them to comply with record retention requirements.

BEWARE: SIEM products that claim real-time ingestion capabilities use engines built on Java or their ingestion engines only “sample” the data being collected - neither are real-time nor full fidelity.

How Does LogZilla Outperform?

LogZilla NEO is the industry's only real-time, full-fidelity, pre-processor.

Only LogZilla NEO is built on a true C++ engine that captures every event with no drops and operates at line speed. LogZilla's patented (pre)deduplication process (done at ingestion) ensures you receive the entire data set which then allows you to store that entire data set for whatever period you decide is appropriate

Only LogZilla allows any size organization (SMB to Global Enterprise) to gain both a comprehensive visibility and an understanding of their network operations data…and to accomplish these business goals and any projected growth within their existing budgets

Only LogZilla empowers teams to see anomalies (rather than simply hunt). LogZilla NEO accelerates incident remediation unlike other log management products that claim to accelerate reporting.

How Quick Does LogZilla Deliver?

LogZilla NEO's purpose-built technology processes 10TB/day on a single 1U server to ingest, normalize, index, enrich, alert, trigger, execute autonomic actions, and eliminate the noise – all at line speed. The moment an event is received is the precise moment the event is displayed, and analytics are executed - No lag time, no delays, no waiting.

LogZilla NEO provides unparalleled speed-to-everything, which means true real-time.

LogZilla built our C++ real-time engine so that setting up and executing CVE/CVSS correlations, alerts, and triggers occurs instantaneously. Since LogZilla NEO does not use Java (or anything based on Java) all responses are in true real-time…not 'Java time' that can occur when using a product based on Kafka, Lucene, or Apache Pulsar

When using LogZilla NEO, all the data is accessible, not just the 'hot' data.

Reduce 40%-70% of the downstream data flow without loss of fidelity
Unlimited, real-time, live stream ingestion
Real-time searches with millisecond accuracy

May 19, 2022
Security Operations

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