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What Sets LogZilla Apart?

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The Challenge


Network and security teams have become victims within the very environments they seek to improve: scale and automation cripple the most disparate of networks and the number or servers needed is exhausting IT budgets.

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The Solution


LogZilla has developed a patented technology that breaks through network telemetry indicators to deliver real-time and intelligent insight for enterprise networks worldwide.

LogZilla’s Network Event OrchestratorTM (NEO) engine enables network and security teams to identify and resolve network problems before they become costly downtime situations.

When Your Data Evolves Your Business Does Too

Need to process TB's of data per day, but can't pay for 100's of servers?

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We Are Your Pre-SIEM

Our patented pre-processing algorithm reduces TCO by 50-90% and provides the fastest network event management platform in the world, per server.

Zero training required

Why It’s Great

Our patented deduplication algorithm reduces the number of logs collected and stored up to 97% in less than 30 seconds