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Why Choose LogZilla?

LogZilla stands alone in its unique capability, boasting exclusive patents on real-time, streaming event deduplication alongside the world's most scalable analytics engine for comprehensive log management.

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Enhance your data protection across all network edge environments and back again with our pioneering software solution.

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Seamlessly orchestrate events and automate the trajectory of your data design and execution with ease.

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Ensure 100% regulatory compliance and gain total transparency of your data's journey.

With LogZilla, you're not just choosing a service, you're choosing a partner dedicated to helping you leverage data for your success.

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Overcome the paradox of network complexity and resource exhaustion. With LogZilla, transform challenges into opportunities. Begin your journey to efficiency and financial freedom today!

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Experience breakthrough technology with LogZilla. Our patented solution delivers real-time, intelligent insights for global enterprise networks.

Harness the power of LogZilla's engine. Enable your team to pinpoint and resolve network issues before they escalate to costly downtime. Leap into proactive network management today

When Your Data Evolves Your Business Does Too

Need to process TB's of data per day, but can't pay for 100's of servers?

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We Are Your Pre-SIEM

Our patented pre-processing algorithm reduces TCO by 50-90% and provides the fastest network event management platform in the world, per server.

Zero training required

Why It’s Great

Our patented deduplication algorithm reduces the number of logs collected and stored up to 97% in less than 30 seconds