LogZilla NetOps Platform - Network Insight, Simplified

Network Insight, Simplified

LogZilla is the leader in delivering real-time network insight with an intelligent network operations platform for enterprise network teams.

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Take Action On Your Analytics

We have developed patented technologies that break through the clutter of network telemetry indicators to deliver real-time, intelligent insight for your enterprise

Automated Remediation

Self-Healing Of Network And Server Problems.

LogZilla enriches your data from external sources to make informed decisions about how to automatically resolve known errors.

With LogZilla, network teams can easily pinpoint problems before they occur and solve them automatically. What once took days to solve, can now be done in seconds with easy, clear, compelling dashboards and automation.

It's that automation and that functionality...that's what allows me to have intelligence in my network. That's what allows us to be proactive.

Steve, VMWare Corp.

LogZilla: Cisco Dashboard

Event Reduction Algorithm

Lower TCO

Even for your other Data Analytics tools!

LogZilla's Patented ERA saves deployment and maintenance costs on other solutions while providing the fastest unstructured data management and automated remediation platform in the world

By routing all of our Syslog and SNMP TRAPs through LogZilla first, we saved over $3M in OpEx. We now funnel all events through LogZilla, then forward enriched events on to our Splunk architecture. By doing so, we were also able to eliminate over half of the 200+ servers it used to take to run our Splunk deployment...and Splunk runs faster as a result!

LogZilla ERA
LogZilla's ERA

Eliminate Event "Storms"

These unforseen incidents put a massive strain on other downstream tools, but LogZilla's ability to reduce these prior to forwarding means saving your other tools from crashing due to the sheer volume of repeated events.

LogZilla ERA Results
Over 700 Million repeated events

Works across all devices

LogZilla's Interface is written entirely in HTML5, requiring no plugins. Gain actionable insight into your network from anywhere, even connect to remote devices directly from the browser.

It's very clear that LZ was designed by someone who had my job for many years. Customization is so easy that it was immediately useful in our network.

@HiwayBK, New Jersey

From Download to Dashboards

LogZilla installs in minutes and provides actionable intel the moment you start using it. Our Dashboards can also be easily customized to fit your network's needs.

I can't even begin to thank you enough for this gem! My job no longer consists of putting out fires!

Easily and quickly create any dashboard to manage events from any incoming data stream

Your Network Just Got Smarter.

LogZilla's preemptive automation saves weeks of engineering time and countless hours of headaches and downtime.

We have thousands of devices in this massive data center. Recently, someone created a loop across the entire infrastructure and it took us a day and a half to figure out where this was, because it was all the way down into the infrastructure. Now, LogZilla sees this and fixes it, in real time.

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