Update: 2022, Oct, 11 - Plot Twist!

Seems "someone" found out about our post and has told those two websites to take the content down.

Nice Try

However, we have evidence via screenshots and recordings.

Webfrenz Article Screenshot

Webfrenz article

Dailybayonet Article Screenshot

Dailybayonet - Same Page, Different Content

If you visit the same URL on Dailybayonet now, it now redirects to a different page URL, but has the same author (who is fake ), and the same image header.


Update 2:

While editing this post, the Webfrenze article has re-appeared. The Dailybayonet one, however, still redirects to "What is Docker and Explain It".

Our Original Post Below

Here is our original post from 2022, Oct 6

Deduplication At Ingestion

We located two recent posts about Splunk using a Deduplication algorithm at ingestion, so we challenge any Splunk users to prove it's an error.

Based on the two recent posts, Splunk may be violating a USA patent, issued on September 1, 2015 (9,122,694) and awarded to LogZilla Corporation describing the process of Deduplication.

The original post, published September 21, 2022, and another re-published post.

If Splunk has implemented a Deduplication function at ingestion to save on index processing and then reduce volumes to be stored, we believe Splunk may be violating LogZilla’s patent.


“System and methods for parsing raw log data into structured log data, removing duplicate entries, storing the deduplicated log entries into a binary format, and managing system event. The subject matter can increase speed of log data analysis and storage, reduce data storage for log data, and easily manage system events.”

LogZilla is the Inventor of Log Deduplication

Incorporated in 2012 and based on the original open-source tool developed in 2003 by the company's founder, Clayton Dukes, the LogZilla NEO platform is a value-driven and extremely powerful log management tool that can be positioned at the front end of your IT stack to drastically lower MTTR.

LogZilla NEO will algorithmically identify and reduce duplicate events while maintaining full fidelity to maintain integrity of every event needed for compliance and remediation analysis. LogZilla NEO allows a clean dataset for more insightful analytic use cases and empowers a proactive approach with real-time data normalization, real-time triggers, filters, granular data rerouting to downstream receivers, self-healing automation, and real-time alerts for mitigation and remediation.

NOC and SOC teams benefit from the way LogZilla sees and repairs known errors and incidents in seconds, enriches data in real-time from multiple external sources, then forwards actionable, intelligent, results to downstream systems such as Splunk, Elasticsearch, and any other syslog or SNMP Trap receivers.

LogZilla's patented deduplication algorithm protects these downstream receivers from data storms and significantly lowers the operating expense of the other products.

LogZilla's SML

October 6, 2022

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