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Tom Damon

IT Operations

Unlock the Power of Syslog Metadata Enrichment with LogZilla

Improve visibility, troubleshooting, security, and compliance with syslog metadata enrichment. Learn how LogZilla can help your IT team operate effectively.
LogZilla University

NetOps and the Holy Grail

Reactive, Proactive, and Preemptive IT Operations
IT Operations

Real Time Streaming Of Your IT Logs

How to filter logs from across your entire infrastructure and drill down in seconds
IT Operations

Feeling TRAPped?

Only using SNMP Trap and no syslog? You're not managing your network
IT Operations

Sending Apache Logs to LogZilla

This method is not limited to Apache..
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How to send TLS encrypted logs using syslog-ng

There's a ton of information in your log files that can be used to compromise or secure your network..