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Is Splunk Violating LogZilla’s Deduplication Patent?

Given the news about Splunk filing a lawsuit against Cribl, we feel the need to ask a few questions about our patent
LogZilla University

How to Run LogZilla on EVE-NG for free

We'll walk you through configuring EVE-NG to run LogZilla in your virtual lab. Best of all, it's free!
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So I Built this NetOps Platform...

Goodbye legacy, over-bloated software. It's time for the next generation
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451 Research: LogZilla Aims to Take a Bite Out of Splunk Costs

Splunk licensing structures exceed data limits and analyst misconfigurations

#1 Reason AI Projects Fail for Small and Mid Sized Businesses?

For enterprise AI, data collection is not a one-time thing
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Top 5 Q&A - To Catch a Thief

You Asked, We Answered - The Top Five