If you are using more than one server to index 10TB of data, per day, then you are probably:

  • Paying massive infrastructure costs to support your current solution
  • Completely limited when it comes to handling data storms

Don’t turn to us if you want jargon; if you want all the haughty-taughty words like “pervasive, transformational, revolutionary,” etc.


Security Teams are tasked with finding events and must sift through logs…a large amount of them. They may use something like Splunk, ELK, or who claim to "find the needle in the haystack".

Instead of searching for a needle in the haystack, what if LogZilla just gave you the bag of needles?

Network Teams are tasked with ingesting more and more data, and no matter how many servers you have now, it won’t be enough to survive the next massive data storm/spike in traffic.

What if LogZilla could alleviate your future data storms, no matter the size?

Remember when we said it's simple?

  1. How about a software platform which can index (not just ingest), in real-time (not pretend real-time, but real-time) 10TB of data per day, per server? (this includes VM’s and cloud instances)
  2. Imagine how network scale would no longer be an issue?
  3. Imagine how you could be ready for any data storm—never dropping events because the current solution choked!
  4. How about not needing to add more servers to handle the load from your growing infrastructure or more IT staff to manage all those servers?

LogZilla provides the fastest and highest scaling option for security and network operation teams.

As both a pre-duplicator and a de-duplicator, LogZilla provides real-time automation straight out of the box with event enrichment, LogZilla is breaking the SIEM monopoly.

We give you the bag of needles at 1/250th the cost, saving IT teams $millions.

Using Splunk, LogRhythm, ELK, or any other SIEM? Put LogZilla in front of them and hand those guys the bag of needles instead of handing them more servers.

July 17, 2018
IT Operations

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