The Challenges of Handling 10TB of Logs Daily

As data continues to grow exponentially, organizations face the daunting task of managing massive amounts of logs daily. When you're dealing with 10 terabytes (TB) of data per day, the challenges can be overwhelming, including:

  • Paying massive infrastructure costs to support your current solution
  • Struggling to handle data storms and traffic spikes

Moreover, security teams must sift through these logs to find specific events, often relying on solutions like Splunk, ELK, or other SIEM tools that claim to "find the needle in the haystack."

Why Traditional Solutions Fall Short

Traditional log management solutions may struggle to keep up with the sheer volume of data being generated, making it difficult to ensure network stability and effectively detect security threats. These limitations often lead to:

  • Inability to handle data storms or traffic spikes
  • Overdependence on infrastructure and IT staff to manage servers

Rather than searching for a needle in the haystack, what if you could have a bag of needles instead?

LogZilla: A Game Changer in Log Management

LogZilla offers a powerful alternative to conventional log management tools. As a high-performance platform designed for security and network operation teams, LogZilla can index (not just ingest) 10TB of data per day, per server, in real-time. This includes virtual machines (VMs) and cloud instances.

Real-time Indexing: The Key to Network Scalability

Imagine a world where network scalability is no longer a concern. By offering true real-time indexing, LogZilla allows you to handle ever-growing amounts of data without the need for additional servers or IT staff. This capability dramatically reduces infrastructure costs and management overhead.

Preparing for Data Storms with LogZilla

Data storms and traffic spikes are inevitable, but LogZilla enables your organization to weather these challenges with ease. By providing a robust and scalable solution, LogZilla ensures that you never drop events due to your current solution choking under pressure.

Breaking the SIEM Monopoly: Cost-effective and Efficient Log Management

LogZilla not only streamlines log management but also breaks the SIEM monopoly by offering real-time automation and event enrichment. As both a pre-duplicator and de-duplicator, LogZilla can deliver the bag of needles at 1/250th the cost, saving IT teams millions of dollars.

Supercharge Your Existing SIEM with LogZilla

If you're already using Splunk, LogRhythm, ELK, or another SIEM tool, consider putting LogZilla in front of them to enhance their capabilities. By doing so, you can provide your SIEM solution with a bag of needles instead of more servers, making your security and network operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Real-World Use Cases

  1. Insurance: An insurance company implemented LogZilla to streamline their log management, improve threat detection, and reduce infrastructure costs.
  2. Healthcare: A hospital used LogZilla to manage their growing log data, ensuring patient data security and maintaining network stability during traffic spikes.
  3. Rail Transport: A rail transport company utilized LogZilla to handle log data from their complex systems, allowing them to maintain smooth operations and detect potential issues promptly.
  4. Technology: A tech company employed LogZilla to enhance their existing SIEM tool, resulting in better security threat detection and more efficient network operations.
  5. Retail: A large retailer used LogZilla to manage log data from their numerous stores and online platforms, ensuring smooth transactions and improved customer experience.
  6. Education: A university implemented LogZilla to handle log data generated by their campus network, maintaining network stability and security for students and staff.

July 17, 2018
IT Operations

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