Knowing is half the battle

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08 August 2019

Introducing BlockZilla - Tamper-proof Logging on the blockchain

What if you could eliminate all doubt of log corruption and hacking?

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01 August 2019

Tired of Flight Delays

Ever rushed through security at the airport only to find the words D-E-L-A-Y-E-D?

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04 April 2019

451 Research: LogZilla Aims to Take a Bite Out of Splunk Costs

"First they'll say it's impossible, then they'll say it was inevitable" - Clayton Dukes, LogZilla CEO

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06 February 2019

You Asked, We Answered - The Top Five

To Catch a Thief

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31 January 2019

Special Edition Webinars Announced for Q1, 2019

LogZilla Roars Into 2019 with New Webinar Series for NetOps and SecOps Teams

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06 December 2018

Don't Forget About Your Data

Preduplicating data allows greater efficiencies without the risk of data ingestion limits or escalating server costs.

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09 August 2018

The Preduplication Engine Revolution

How to deal with 36TB/day of Network analytics.

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17 July 2018

Needle in the Haystack is Overrated

How to deal with 10TB/day of Network analytics.

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11 July 2018

Breaking Up With Splunk is Easy to Do

How many of you have experienced a Splunk-Scenario-Gone-Bad (and costly, too)?

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25 March 2018

Deploying LogZilla in a PCI/NIST Environment

Customer Case Study - LogZilla in a PCI/NIST Environment

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09 February 2018

NetOps and the Holy Grail

Reactive, Proactive, and Preemptive Network Operations

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21 July 2017

Did you hear the one about the definition of insanity?

Are you still using the same process for managing your network that you did 5 years ago?

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29 June 2017

A T-Rex, CiscoLive, and Bruno Mars

Ever seen a T-Rex run?

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28 June 2017

Spinner Wars at CiscoLive!

Trade show toys are always a hit...

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27 June 2017

Fidget Spinners and Street Marketing at CiscoLive!

So we stumbled across a new way to drive customers to our booth...

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20 June 2017

The Network Operations Top 5

NetOps provides increased availability and efficiencies for...

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26 May 2017

So I built this amazing NetOps Platform..

Goodbye legacy, over-bloated software. It's time for the next generation.

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17 May 2017


LogZilla's Malware Detection capability is so easy that it will make you wannacry...

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16 May 2017

Download to Dashboards

LogZilla’s latest release includes dashboards for Cisco, Security, and Windows...

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01 May 2017

Syslog Essentials

Most of us cannot remember a time before there was syslog.  I was introduced to Sun Solaris in 1998 while I was working...

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27 April 2017

Real-time Network Telemetry Streaming

In the past two weeks I have had multiple conversations where I asked, "what do you like about LogZilla?" Instead of "it's fast or "it scales and saves us money", they have responded with...

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18 April 2017

Network Event Remediation in real-time

He said they spend a lot of engineering time on network issues with problem identification and resolution and provided us with...

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18 April 2017

Log Spikes and Message Storms

Earlier this week one of our customers had a log storm due to a problem with a production server. They were...

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11 April 2017

Want To Save Money By Using Open Source?

We love open source and LogZilla actually...

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03 April 2017

Application Performance Degradation?

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23 March 2017

How to Save 82% on Log Management Costs

LogZilla will save you money over any competitive solution.

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16 October 2015

Feeling TRAPped?

If you aren't’t using syslog, it’s very likely that your event manager is missing 1000’s of...

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06 October 2015

Sending Apache Logs to LogZilla

This method is not limited to Apache...

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06 October 2015

IP Blacklist to Cisco Access List

Since I'm not much of a painter...

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06 October 2015

Heartbleed and Shellshock

We constantly see systems that are so far behind in updates that they have known vulnerabilities...

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17 October 2014

How to send TLS encrypted logs using syslog-ng

There's a ton of information in your log files that can be used to compromise or secure your network...

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