How to reduce Splunk's costs by 50%

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Want to learn how to make Splunk work faster and require fewer indexers while at the same time, feeding it more valuable data?

To Catch a Thief

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How one University is using NEO to not only detect a stolen device on the network, but how they are using NEO to find which classroom that device is located in..and even notify Campus Police to apprehend the thief!

How to get the most out of your WatchGuard events

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Learn how to extract and track 1800 valuable event types such as Source/Dest IP pairs, Top Applications, Policies, Categories, NAT Ports, Geolocations, URLs, Denied Apps, and more.

Extracting Value From Cisco ISE Logs

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Ever wonder what the step= messages are in Cisco ISE events?

We’ll explain it, and we’ll show you how to automatically translate it into highly valuable information!

Network Compliance Made Easy

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Network Compliance: How to detect and reverse unauthorized changes in one second.

Surviving Network and Security Event Storms

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What happens when Things Go Wrong ?
What If Your Network Starts Generating 100x More Events Per Second ?
Can your NetOps Tools Survive ?
Can Your SecOps Platform Handle The Load?