ITOps Visibility Leads to Increased Bottom Line

Retail organizations with a large network of remote outlets requires immediate real-time access to the corporate IT infrastructure combined with the ability to keep the network operational at all times. Remote retail locations must have the ability to access correlations and implement zero-day patching in real time to mitigate security threats.

Outdated infrastructure and the current labor shortage only further exposes security gaps with partners and customers alike. Retail IT operations teams require increased visibility to navigate current threat landscapes, no matter where, or when.

+ Significant data ingestion that is inconsistent, and growing in 2022
+ Lacks the ability to scale, whether on-premise or cloud
+ Current SIEM’s still require additional monitoring downstream, which is costly and time consuming

LogZilla NEO is the most flexible and affordable log management platform in the industry for 2022; LogZilla NEO provides its patented deduplication algorithms that remove the noise, then sends a clean and enriched dataset downstream, yielding high return on investment.

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