Mitigate Remote Risks

The Oil and Gas industry and its massive infrastructure are fundamental to the world economy. Legacy network systems that were never intended to be easily accessible are now connected to the internet, yet these antiquated systems have gaps, which expose an increased security risk. The ongoing digitization and the transition away from centralized systems to distributed strategies requires managing the entire cyber risk environment to best mitigate ransomware attacks, insider threats, DDOs, and phishing scams. Because of the sheer number of devices required to gather real-time data on field operations, improve maintenance, and increase fleet visibility, the oil and gas industry must review their larger supply chain and remedy the entire security landscape.

+   IIoT/IoT use for the massive volumes of data transmission requires real time visibility
+   Scaling of data loads for on-premise and cloud, in real time
+   Budgets must support complimentary solutions
+   Current SIEM’s still require additional monitoring downstream

LogZilla NEO provides its patented deduplication algorithms that remove the noise, then sends a clean and enriched dataset downstream, yielding high return on investment.

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