Coordinate data silos to provide actionable intel

Manufacturing embodies a massive infrastructure that includes vertically integrated organizations requiring a high degree of transparency to seamlessly scale from the factory floor throughout the organization. The key to efficient operationsis keeping Mean Time to Restore (MTTR) low - but many point solutions on the factory floor silo their own data and provide no transparency.


Numerous applications running scheduling systems,error-proofing and all parts used with respective technical specs are monitored with the specific unit number of the assembled machine recorded and saved in a safety and operational database for future use.

IT teams must be able to reach across and into multiple independent data silos to provide a comprehensive understanding of both operational events to effectively triage and manage MTTR.

Legacy tools used to monitor outages on-site have multiple licenses (every assembly plant, every powertrain plant, every stamping plant, with own version with own licensing, and its own support modules.

When applications go down, including a simple printer,the assembly line stops, machine production stops, and revenue stops.


Industry 4.0 is a complete redesign of the factory and assembly line floor yielding more data via IoT and using data and analytics tools to reduce downtime and MTTR to seconds. Since factory floor employees turn over frequently, quickly building easy-to-use dashboards is critical. LogZilla saves the manufacturing industry significant time,effort and money by ensuring that all the data is instantly and transparently accessible in real time to reduce MTTR to seconds yielding high return on investment.

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