LogZilla Transforms Healthcare IT Ops


A major healthcare organization was challenged by managing vast amounts of network data with traditional tools like Splunk and Azure Log Analytics (ALA), which often started with a blank setup and required extensive development. This case study highlights their shift to LogZilla, a network event orchestration platform that offers immediate operational capabilities and intuitive integration, significantly improving their network management effectiveness.

The Challenge

Previously, the organization relied on systems that necessitated lengthy configuration and customization, causing delays in actionable insights. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly, enhance real-time data processing, and provide intuitive functionality right from the installation.

Key Accomplishments

  1. Rapid Deployment: LogZilla was functional immediately upon installation, contrasting sharply with the blank initial setups of Splunk and ALA.
  2. Ease of Use: The platform was widely praised for its user-friendly interface, allowing quick adaptation by the engineering team.
  3. Effective Integration: Integration capabilities such as webhook notifications to Microsoft Teams were seamlessly executed, enhancing operational efficiency.
  4. Scalable Performance: Results during the POC ensured the platform could handle extensive network infrastructures without performance degradation.

LogZilla's Solution

LogZilla’s platform was introduced through a proof of concept (POC), initially targeting a small segment of the organization’s network infrastructure. Its success led to broader application, eventually handling 90 million daily events across the organization's entire production infrastructure.

Implementation Insights

During the POC, LogZilla demonstrated exceptional scalability and performance, managing significant data volumes tested against the demands of DDI (Infoblox), Cisco ISE (Identity Services Engine), Cisco CDR/CMR (Call Detail and Call Manager) Records, without the extensive setup required by other platforms. The feedback from more than 50 engineers assigned to test LogZilla during the POC indicated unanimous approval of its intuitive nature and substantial impact on network support capabilities.


The adoption of LogZilla allowed the organization to quickly identify and remediate network issues, leading to a decision to fully integrate LogZilla into their operational framework. The platform's ability to provide instant insights and its user-friendly interface were key factors in their choice.

This case study showcases how LogZilla has revolutionized network management for a large healthcare organization, emphasizing the platform's immediate functionality, ease of integration, and superior customer support compared to traditional tools like Splunk and ALA. The feedback from the organization’s engineers underscores the transformative impact of LogZilla, making it a crucial component in their network management strategy.

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