Reduce data costs during digital transformation

Financial cybersecurity is becoming increasingly difficult with the ever-evolving threat landscape. Securing data and maintaining the reputation of a financial organization is critical, making the job of security operations’ teams vital. Cyber criminals choose their targets based on two conditions: 1) maximum impact and 2) maximum profit. Financial institutions meet these conditions because they store highly-valuable data, as well, their digital transformation efforts are creating gaps for cyber criminals to silently access that data.

+   Enormous data ingestion loads require the ability to fully audit in real-time
+   Massive volume of IT tickets that require individual evaluation, to include false positives
+   On-premise-to-cloud user learning curves
+   Real time must be less than one second, not minutes or hours
+   Current SIEM’s still require additional monitoring downstream

LogZilla NEO reduces data costs during digital transformations via its patented deduplication algorithms that removes the noise and sends a clean and enriched dataset downstream.

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