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What Makes LogZilla Great?

Our unique solution enables network teams to preemptively identify network issues easily and immediately. We do this with patented technology which delivers data enrichment, automation and simplicity. LogZilla saves you time and money, enables faster response and proactively identifies and resolves network problems before they become outages.

Instant Visibility

Dashboard Example
LogZilla Dashboard

Dashboard Example
LogZilla for Security

Dashboard Example
LogZilla for Cisco Networks

The LogZilla NetOps Platform includes pre-built dashboards which can be customized in just a few clicks. LogZilla installs in just a few minutes using a single command, and immediately provides real-time visibility into your network and server environment.

Adding your own dashboards is equally as easy. No more two-week training classes needed to build your own dashboards. With LogZilla, you can build your own custom Dashboards in less than 10 minutes! You may also download any of our FREE, ever-growing, list of dashboards from our GitHub page.

Add Intelligence

Slack Alert from LogZilla
LogZilla to Slack alert shows an IP Blacklist violation.

LogZilla's ability to enrich event data allows it to collect information from disparate sources in your environment before taking any actions such as automatic repair.

Information about affected devices such as performance history, change management, last logins, device location, device priority, and more can be collected prior to taking action.

  • Preemptively identify network issues
  • Automatically eliminate false-positives
  • Collect information about affected devices from disparate systems such as inventory managers, performance managers, SLA, Network Configuration and Compliance (NCCM) systems, and many more
  • Enrich data using external sources such as Open Threat Exchange
  • Take actions based on automated playbooks to determine the best solution for immediate repair
  • Log into devices and gather information about routing, interface, etc. before taking action.
  • Connect to inventory databases to get device, server, or user data.
  • Automatically open trouble tickets with your support systems
  • Replace your "post-mortem" research with a message from LogZilla about what happened and how it was automatically solved

Mitigate Downtime

Don't be this guy!
Outages Cost Companies An Average of $7,999 Per Minute.

LogZilla provides data enrichment and data wisdom through a simple interface capable of integrating with thousands of systems to automatically Trigger, Assess, Gather and React (TAGR) on incoming network telemetry streams.

Our trigger engine allows users to automatically repair known errors in the network. Some examples include automatic Duplicate IP resolution, Spanning Tree, Network Congestion, Malware, Security Breaches, and Unauthorized Changes.

By automating these events, our customers save thousands of hours per year in lost engineering time and downtime.

What once took days to solve, can now be done in seconds with easy, clear, compelling dashboards at enterprise-scale.

LogZilla's pre-emptive engine allows our customers to mitigate downtime, which saves your company time, money, headaches, and enables network operations to run like a well-oiled machine

  • Collect information from disparate sources about the affected device
  • Automatically resolve outages
  • Notify via email, text, Slack, Cisco Spark, and Webhooks.
  • Reduce or Eliminate Downtime
  • What used to take hours now takes seconds

LogZilla was built By NetOps, For NetOps. Our ability to solve problems before they become incidents saves you time, headaches and in some cases, public apologies.

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