Network Event Orchestrator Engine
LogZilla NEO

LogZilla's Network Event Orchestration Platform

NEO integrates with thousands of systems to automatically trigger, assess, gather, and react on incoming telemetry streams.

Instant Visibility

NEO installs in less than 15 minutes, includes pre-built and customizable knowledge for immediate real-time visibility into your network, security and server environment.

Automated Intelligence

NEO enriches event data and collects information from disparate sources in your environment to make intelligent decisions on the best course of action for automatic repair.

Information about affected devices such as performance history, change management, last logins, device location, device priority, and more can be investigated prior to taking any action. 

Downtime Mitigation

NEO allows users to automatically repair known errors in the network. Automating these events allows you to save hours of lost engineering and network downtime.


Automated Remediation

LogZilla's Network Event Orchestrator engine assesses the severity and next steps based on data gathered from external systems such as inventory managers (CMDB), performance managers, compliance, ticketing, other network or security devices, or anything else containing relevant data about the affected system.
Take appropriate actions to automatically bring the affected system back into service.


Stunning html5-based ui

LogZilla NEO’s interface is fully-customizable allowing you to proactively detect anomalies before they cause downtime.

LogZilla NEO

Preduplicate Events before forwarding

Only LogZilla NEO offers preduplication providing the unique ability to consolidate duplicate events so that downstream receivers are not impacted by data storms.

can you scale when the next storm hits ?