logzilla Network Event OrchestratOR

The LogZilla NEO platform allows network and security teams to preemptively identify and resolve issues in real time

one line
5 Minutes


Using Docker, logzilla can be installed almost anywhere - even on your laptop

operating System Requirements

Minimum requirements
Docker Version 18+
8 CPU Cores
8GB Ram
Disk IOPS Minimum: 1000

Ready To Install? Just Paste the Following:

curl -fsSL https://logzilla.sh |bash

Detailed Server Sizing

LogZilla NEO is a very high performance, structured and unstructured data indexer and Event Orchestrator. In comparison to other software on the market, LogZilla NEO can index far more data per server.

Let's Compare Splunk and ELK with LogZilla NEO:

NAME 1TB/Day 4TB/Day 10TB/Day50TB/Day
Est. # of Splunk Indexers* Required1762155761
Est. # of ELK Servers Required 31366150
# of LogZilla Servers Required 1111

* For Splunk, this number is only for the indexers, you'll also need hardware for Search Heads, Forwarders, etc.

What if I already own Splunk or ELK?

Easy - Put LogZilla in front of them and use NEO's preduplication technology to cut 90% of the data sent to Splunk or ELK while still giving them the exact same information they need through metadata tags.

Now Let's Compare Splunk and ELK using LogZilla NEO as the preprocessor:

NAME 1TB/Day 4TB/Day 10TB/Day50TB/Day
Est. # of Splunk Indexers* Required371680
Est. # of ELK Servers Required 23715
# of LogZilla Servers Required 1111

LogZilla NEO capacity planning

LogZilla NEO runs in docker containers. This allows our customers to run it virtually anywhere and on any operating system, refer to the Docker Installation Guide for help with your specific operating system

All Systems listed below are based on a single server. 
LogZilla NEO also scales to multiple servers if needed.

Estimated Events/SecApprox. TB/Day CPU Cores RAMDisk IOPS
Up to 500 EPS
25GB8 @ 2.0GHz81k
Up to 20,000 EPS1TB16 @ 2GHz1610k
Up to 100,000 EPS5TB32 @ 2.3GHz2450k
Up to 200,000 EPS10TB64 @ 2.5GHz48150k
Up to 400,000 EPS20TB72 @ 2.5GHz128300k