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Lab/Test Server Requirements

  • 8GB Ram
  • 20GB Disk (more, if you plan to send a lot of data)
  • Ubuntu 14 or 16 LTS x_64 (server version)
* Production requirements will vary, we're happy to help you with sizing.

Once you've installed Ubuntu Server v 14/16 LTS, simply paste the following command.

Pretty easy, right?

wget -qO- | sudo bash

Not Easy Enough? How about a ready2run VM?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, LogZilla installs on bare-metal, virtual and is even available as a SaaS solution! Please contact us if you would like us to host your LogZilla instance.
Yes, we have several solutions for turnkey hardware, contact sales to find out which one is best for you.
LogZilla is licensed based on the amount of Events Per Day that you send to the server. Our patented data clustering feature is an algorithm which condenses billions of entries into a narrow set, but still tracks every event down to the millisecond. In doing so, we are able to save up to 95% of the disk space needed to store your data.
LogZilla is certified to run on Ubuntu LTS-based versions. We are happy to provide RedHat/CentOS builds upon request as well for our corporate customers.
No. LogZilla's API is written in C++ and Python. The LogZilla UI is all HTML5 and requires no plugins whatsoever to run.
LogZilla does not offer a traditional "training" course. This is simply due to the software's ease of use. We firmly believe that our customers should be provided with a product that allows them to learn and use in a matter of minutes. Please be sure to check the help section in the LogZilla UI, then contact us for any additional questions. You will find that our support staff is very responsive!
When we created LogZilla, we found that no databases were capable of handling the scale we were seeking. Because of this, we wrote our own patented storage mechanism. As a result, LogZilla is easily 10x faster than any other product on the market. LogZilla's engine is capable of ingesting and indexing over 80k Events/Second on a single server, compared to other solutions at 7-10k EPS!
Yes...and so much more! Not only can you forward on matched data, but you can also collect analyze or even rewrite any data obtained from external systems allowing you to forward intelligent information on to your other Network Management Systems such as help desk, change management systems, etc.
LogZilla was built to run anywhere, we also offer SaaS solutions for customers who prefer that we manage their servers for them. Please contact us for assistance.
There are no agents! Hooray! Just forward raw syslog, snmp traps, and even webhooks to LogZilla and let it do the rest for you!

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