VEKS delivers secure, efficient, and environmentally sound district heating and remains committed to accelerating the green transitions through partnerships that provide efficient and sustainable energy solutions within the Køge Municipality.  

During its successful past 40 years, VEKS now faces its most ambitious decade, technologically and climate-wise, as it focuses on introducing and further developing new sustainable production technologies that ultimately meet the requirements of the environment and the global economy.  

To maintain security at their power plants, VEKS deployed LogZilla NEO to ensure that its networks remained 100% secure when faced with worst-case scenario ransomware.

Kill Switch

Traditionally, a kill switch is a safety mechanism used to shut off a device(s) in an emergency when the device(s) cannot be shut down in the usual manner. This method is used to ensure that company data remain secure and private during cyber-attacks.

The Problem

Traditionally, a kill switch still needs to be triggered by a human, causing delays...which can be deadly when there has been a security breach. Precious minutes, hours, and sometimes days are wasted during the initial breach event and the time it takes for human to even realize there's been a breach.

Instant Mitigation

Thanks to LogZilla, our entire infrastructure can be shut down in mere seconds after a breach event occurs. LogZilla detects the event from our IDS/IPS/Firewalls and kicks off a kill switch that not only properly shuts down the network, but does it in the right order so that, when it is deemed safe, we can bring the network back online in seconds.

“Thanks to LogZilla NEO, we now have a safe, reliable, and instant way to ensure that any breach to our network will be instantly stopped. LogZilla ensures that, even when the kill switch is triggered, all our IT systems and data remain accessible through alternate paths between corporate offices, the power plant, and the working stations themselves.”

August 23, 2022
Risk Management

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