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LogZilla is the leader in delivering real-time network insight with an intelligent network operations platform. Our unique solution enables network teams to identify problems preemptively and solve them automatically which saves your company time, money, headaches, enabling your network operations to run like a well-oiled machine.

What once took days to solve, can now be done in seconds with easy, clear, compelling, dashboards and automations, at enterprise-scale. Over 300 Enterprises, Service Providers, and Universities including Cisco, IBM, AIG, NATO, Orange Telecom, and Vodafone use LogZilla to gain real-time network insight

LogZilla, based in Austin, TX and Raleigh, NC is founded by technologists with expertise in network operations.

Meet the team

Clayton Dukes
Pete Willis
Co-Founder/Global Sales Officer
Richard Piotrowski
Michael Gjerstad
SVP, Global Channels/Alliances
Tyrone Rexler
Trade Show Supervisor
Ingrid Burton
Paweł Golonko
Lead Architect: UI
Jakub Wieczorek
Architect: API
Piotr Piatkowski
Sr. Architect: API

Our Story: For NetOps, By NetOps

We've worked on the largest networks in the world. We were the people getting called when something went wrong at the Fortune 1000. We decided to do something about the endless network incidents, and the manual processes required to solve them.

LogZilla was born from the open source world and grew into LogZilla from there. We've taken the core concepts and lessons learned along the way of providing real-time visibility and automation in network operations from an open source "hobby" to a mature, intelligent, network operations platform. LogZilla operates with easy to use dashboards delivering intelligent, automatic network operations for use by every enterprise on the planet.

LogZilla enables over 300 networks to run like a well-oiled machine

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