About Us

Built by one of Cisco's former leading experts, a multi-year Distinguished Speaker at Cisco Live, with multiple papers published on Cisco.com in Network Management.

In today's fast growing technology landscape, companies are spending millions of dollars enhancing and optimizing networks and websites. LogZilla is focused on keeping it simple. We strive for consistent improvement in order to deliver a visually informative product of exceptional quality, functionality, and speed.

LogZilla's commitment to our users is epitomized by our growing community of code contributors and our commitment to consistent new releases and superior response time.

If you are a first time visitor to our website, welcome! We recommend you take our Enterprise product for a 30 day test drive and tell us what you think. If you are a returning user who has a copy of our free license and your needs have grown, welcome back! We appreciate your use of our product and assure you that we are working constantly on making LogZilla better every day!

LogZilla Offices

2900 N. Quinlan Park Rd
Ste. B240-341
Austin, TX, 78732