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Completely Rebuilt. Version 5 available November 1st!

Hardware Solutions, Cloud-based Solutions


Easy to obtain. VMWare Ready. Turnkey Hardware Solutions Available. Cloud-based Solutions Available. Easy to install, easy to use.

Hardware Solutions, Cloud-based Solutions


Scales to 1B events per day on a single server Scales infinitely on data retention, handles up to 50k hosts. Searches Billions of events in seconds.

Hardware Solutions, Cloud-based Solutions


Built by one of Cisco's former leading experts, a multi-year Distinguished Speaker at Cisco Live, with multiple papers published on in Network Management.

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Fast, Intuitive Interface

  • Provides Real-time alerting on event patterns
  • Simple, easy to master interface
  • Automatic event deduplication
  • Automatically tracks Cisco mnemonics
  • Generate Top 10 Activity charts
  • Drill down into charted results
  • Export Results to a variety of formats
  • Generate custom charts for all of your searches

Control and Compliance

  • Track user logins and login failures
  • Adhere to industry compliance specifications as HIPPA, PCI, SOX
  • Detect and track suspicious behavior
  • An invaluable tool for forensic analysis
  • Support IT and Network Operations
  • Manage and reduce costs for IT/Security
  • Monitor and track Service Level Agreements

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Getting Started

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