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Hardware Solutions, Cloud-based Solutions


Easy to obtain. VMWare Ready. Turnkey Hardware Solutions Available. Cloud-based Solutions Available. Easy to install, easy to use.

Scalable enough to handle even the largest companies


LogZilla is 100x faster than any solution on the market. Our software can ingest and display events in real-time, and can even store your data forever!

Reduced Deployment Costs

LogZilla ERA

Our patented Event Reduction Algorithm allows companies to deploy LogZilla as a single server - why pay for 10 servers when you can do it with one?

Fast, Intuitive Interface

  • Provides Real-time alerting on event patterns
  • Simple, easy to master interface
  • Automatic event deduplication
  • Automatically tracks Cisco mnemonics
  • Generate Top 10 Activity charts
  • Drill down into charted results
  • Export Results to a variety of formats
  • Generate custom charts for all of your searches

Control and Compliance

  • Track user logins and login failures
  • Adhere to industry compliance specifications as HIPPA, PCI, SOX
  • Detect and track suspicious behavior
  • An invaluable tool for forensic analysis
  • Support IT and Network Operations
  • Manage and reduce costs for IT/Security
  • Monitor and track Service Level Agreements

Well, what are you waiting for?

Getting Started

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