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What is LogZilla

LogZilla Corporation is a global provider of event management software enabling organizations to improve network availability, resiliency, and operational efficiency. Our software collects and indexes machine data at a massive scale enabling users to quickly and easily search, analyze, monitor and report on this data in real time.

  • Detect/track suspicious behavior and prevent incidents.
  • Provide time stamped records of various activities.
  • Support forensic analysis and correlation.
  • Store and provide compliance/regulatory data.
  • Support IT/Network routine maintenance and operations.
  • Manage/reduce costs for IT/Security.
  • Monitor/Track Service Level Agreements.
  • Adhere to industry compliance specifications such as PCI, SOX, and HIPAA

How LogZilla will help

How much is each minute of network downtime worth to your organization? To proactively manage an IT network and reduce downtime, an effective event management solution is vital in today complex networks.

LogZilla offers a network monitoring software solution used by many leading organizations to index machine data and develop proactive network management plans for both problem and incident management which can be executed upon in real-time. Every network needs to be monitored so that IT can effectively manage network devices and prevent downtime. Downtime is lost revenue to any entity - increase your revenue with LogZilla by decreasing network downtime through proactive event analysis.


  • Intuitive Web 2.0 Interface
  • Provides real time alerting on regular expression matched events
  • Easy, unified interface for all event-related activities
  • Allows user-developed scripts for custom parsing
  • Per-user saving of favorite queries and charts
  • Automatically Tracks Cisco Mnemonics
  • Automatic event deduplication
  • Create ad-hoc charts for any search criteria
  • Provides real time EPS information
  • Provides live scrolling of incoming events
  • Manages Windows logs and Windows Event ID
  • Manages SNMP Events
  • Store and search through BILLIONS of events with results returned in seconds

Benefits Of Using LogZilla

Proactive event management benefits both operations personnel and the company as a whole from a cost savings perspective.

Successful event management provides:

  • Reduced downtime through operational awareness.
  • Improved Incident Management through real-time detection and self-remediation.
  • Reduced volume of incidents through proper problem management.
  • Reduced severity of business interruptions.
  • Proactive measures to reduce the need for post-mortem troubleshooting.
  • Outperforms every tool in its class by a large margin
  • Allows up to 50,000 hosts
  • Processes sustained 15,000 events per second, and handles bursts up to 30,000
  • Searches of billions of events in seconds, not minutes
  • Can be used by anyone, professionals and novice's alike.
  • LogZilla's intuitive UI can be taught in minutes - other tools require weeks of training.
  • Unlike other solutions, LogZilla does not contain useless feature bloat.
  • LogZilla can be installed in minutes.
  • LogZilla was built by an operations expert for operations personnel and managers.
  • LogZilla's founder is considered one of the leading experts on network management.
  • LogZilla is affordable for even the smallest institutions.
  • LogZilla's licensing model allows for selection of features based on the customer's environment so that they aren't spending money on unwanted options.
  • LogZilla is a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions.
  • LogZilla's source code can be modified by anyone should they wish to customize it.
  • Actively developed since 2002.
  • Stable and self managing code.
  • Thousands of hours of development time.
  • Highly optimized code for today's largest networks..



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LogZilla is global provider network management software, using syslog for devices on centralized networks
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