Do You Know Why Data Collection Is Important to the Business?

Having smart data collection processes improves the bottom line, but do you know where to start?

Rick Watts, Relationship Manager

Do You Know Why Data Collection Is Important to the Business?

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Data, data, data – we hear so much about it, but do we really understand the importance of data collection? Data is effectively changing the world we live in and the way that we work, so you likely have some notion that data is crucial in helping you take the next business step—no matter what that is.

Here is a breakdown to explain the importance of data collection:

The fact of the matter is that every organization has problems and inefficiencies. Due to the ever-changing nature of the business climate and society as a whole, it is nearly impossible to perfect how an organization is run. Therefore, access to good data will ensure that you’re able to identify significant problems early on and take action to solve them.

Data helps you identify short term problems while it also provides the tools necessary to develop more accurate long-term theories. Data can be thought of as the building blocks necessary to build coherent models that allow you to visualize what is happening in different parts of your organization.

Funding is increasingly a matter of proving achieved outcomes. Due to the fact that much of funding is data-driven, it is critical that organizations are able to establish evidence-based practices and develop coherent systems that collect and analyze data.

In addition to identifying problems and inefficiencies, data also gives you the power to see your strengths and to implement the same methods across your organization. Being able to identify your high-performers and understand what they’re doing differently will give you the tools you need to develop strategies and assist programs to areas that aren’t doing quite as well.

Having a smart data collection system like the LogZilla Network Event Orchestrator (LZ NEO) Platform in place will save you valuable time down the road. So many resources are wasted going back again and again to retrieve the same information.

Once you understand the importance of data collection, you’ll be in a position to measure a situation accordingly. You can take appropriate action with fewer frustrations and complications at all levels of the process. Simply put, data improves overall quality.

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Rick Watts

Rick Watts

Relationship Manager
Jacksonville Beach, FL,

About Rick

Rick Watts brings his 20 years of selling to grow the entire southeast and southwest regions for LogZilla's sales team. Rooted deeply in developing strong relationships with customers as reflected in his two decades leading insurance sales, Watts seeks to educate customers on solutions around todays most pressing financial and risk-based network challenges. Watts resides in Florida
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