Cyber situational awareness for the warfighter

The process for achieving a strong cyber defense can have an impact on every Agency’s success. The high level of operational complexity combined with the national shortage of qualified skilled workers, many times only further delays reaching a focused cyber resilient environment. All Federal Agencies must simplify and strengthen their approach to cybersecurity and LogZilla provides the #1 log management tool, LZ NEO. No longer will Federal Agencies be reliant on disparate solutions that require siloed and individual Implementation.

  • Requires logging platforms that fulfill audit logging requirement of DoD Risk Management Framework
  • Extensive and lengthy training and ongoing skills courses
  • Needs a low-cost solution that is quickly installed and operable

Federal customers benefit from the quick 60-second download installation and there is zero need for expensive hardware or software add-ons. Furthermore, LZ NEO provides real-time threat alerts with full automation for remediations that lowers MTTR to seconds.

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