Tired of Flight Delays

Ever rushed through security at the airport only to find the words D-E-L-A-Y-E-D?

Tyrone Rexler, Head Bottlewasher

Tired of Flight Delays

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Imagine showing up at the airport, waiting to get through the long lines at security, and once at the gate, seeing in big red letters D-E-L-A-Y-E-D, followed later by C-A-N-C-E-L-L-E-D. Trying to get home, the only option is to pay ridiculous fees for another flight. “How can that be?”

Yup, that’s the exact same feeling I have when I hear customers share that they thought Splunk was a good deal, but rather, it was a costly let-down.

Sadly, if you are still using Splunk, your data ingesting costs continue to go up, and up, and up. LogZilla’s Network Event Orchestrator offers relief as the world’s only platform that solves Splunk’s biggest culprits:

  • Your network data volumes increased more than expected…and the costs keep increasing
  • The hardware and the maintenance costs are not included in Splunk’s quotes
  • With each Splunk license added, you need more Splunk Admins
  • Splunk servers keep hitting data limits and stop working when SecOp teams need it most

LogZilla is continuing to show, in real time, how you can decrease your Splunk costs by over 97% and never hit a data limits while having the ability to ingest over one million events per second, per server.

THE SOLUTION? Preduplicate your network data using LogZilla’s Network Event Orchestrator, then forward clean event data to Splunk.

Tyrone Rexler

Tyrone Rexler

Head Bottlewasher

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