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“As we were installing LogZilla NEO in one of our base locations, we discovered an active brute force attack occurring on our network. LogZilla NEO immediately identified it, and we took action tostop it”.

Global Security & Aerospace Company
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“LogZilla’s dedup/pre-processing algorithm provides a huge benefit and cost saving over our traditional ingest cost model (Splunk).  Coupled with the resource savings on our analytic platform, the team found this to be the largest benefit”.

US intelligence Agency Assessment
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“We saw messages being sent to Russia,China, Moldova and North Korea. We were able to stop them immediately and re-direct for offensive analysis.”

Nuclear Facility
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"With LogZilla NEO deployed as part of the broader Splunk platform, we’ve reduced incident management resources by70% and incident response effort by 99%. We also raised the bar in customer service by making the positive shift from reactive to proactive problem-solving reducing our MTTR."

Medium Size UniversIty
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"We are currently collecting telemetry on less
 than 10% of all our devices due to license costs"

Medium size Financial institution
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"Our Splunk/ELK/Other deployment requires a
 massive amount ofindexers, search heads, and
 deployment hardware to support it."

Global Finanacial Institution
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"Our teams have little insight into larger executive
 initiatives but are required to index more data than
 ever before. Management needs an alternative to endless spending even though data growth is also endless.“

Large Retail Vendor
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"LogZilla really is the best syslog server I could find.It's truly a great product and obviously built for users by users. The entire LogZilla team is extremely knowledgeable and has often gone above & beyond to help.”

Project Manager, Large Datacenter
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"DataStorms/spikes can never be planned and often result in limited visibility when we most need it. The ability to scale on a single instance is clearly the reason why significant data surges are easily managed."

Medium-size Retail Company
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“I spent almost my entire holiday chasing down Java patches. The one application I didn't have to worry about was LogZilla since it has no Java at all."

Various Customers