LogZilla at CiscoLive! Security Village

LogZilla at CiscoLive! 2018

June 10-14, 2018 | Orlando, FL

Empowering Smarter Network Operations

Join our LogZilla and Cisco experts in the Security Village at CiscoLive! and find out how the LogZilla #NetOps Platform delivers real-time, intelligence and automation at Enterprise Scale for IT operations, networking, the IoT and more.

Join us in the Security Village and Learn How To:

See Everything, In Real-Time

Learn how to create dashboards in less time then it takes to make your coffee. We'll show you how to create and customize any dashboard for any environment, with ease!

LogZilla: Cisco Dashboard

Automate Anything

If you can type, click, or call an API, LogZilla can automate it! Let us give you the power to be the hero in your company by reducing Mean Time To Restore (MTTR) from hours to mere seconds

LogZilla: Automate

Eliminate Downtime

Our team will show you how to instantly detect and remediate network degradation and outages. Our software allows you to do in seconds what normally takes hours for staff to accomplish.

This Guy Wishes He Had LogZilla!

Add Intelligence

Get ready to learn the correct way to manage your network. In this session, we'll show you how to gather information about an affected device from other sources of information such as Performance Managers, Inventory Databases, Security Systems, etc., then tie them all together to send to your ticketing system. All within seconds

NetOps, Simplified!

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