The global economy has put a spotlight on the importance of digital professionals being allowed to do their jobs without red-tape hindrances, and also just how important they are to sustaining our fragile system of everyday functions to include realizing:

  • The sudden shift to remote working has driven the need for specific tech talents
  • Data remains a key source in powering business decisions
  • Cybersecurity professionals are skyrocketing in demand as cybercrimes increase

While data center workers are many times overlooked, they have been essential to keeping the motors running within our ever-changing ecosystem. As well, as a result of the mass migration to remote working, cybercrime has experienced an uptick, adding on to ongoing demand for cybersecurity professionals.

So, who remain the top three, and most in-demand roles as we head into the summer of 2020?

Cybersecurity Professionals

According to the National Center for Education Statistics cybersecurity programs have increased by 33 percent, but the growth is not enough to meet the hike in demand. Cybersecurity is now considered mission-critical in most organizations, even more so at this time where the coronavirus outbreak has led to a mass shift to working from home.

In the same vein, as hackers and bad actors of the web are evolving and using more sophisticated tactics for personal gain, the call for cybersecurity talent will only rise.

Data Analytics Professionals

Data analysts will flourish in the digital landscape as executive committees recognize the importance of removing silos inside and between organizations for more collaboration and communication.

Data Scientists

The rise of next-gen technologies such as big data, IoT (and industrial IoT), and machine learning will have a direct impact on the role of data scientists. This is backed by the ability of data scientists to extract, refine, and translate data into actionable processes for business growth. The World Economic Forum released a report looking at the trends expected to take off through the year 2022 in 20 economies and 12 industry sectors where it cites that data science will be among the most competitive skills of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

As we move ahead, it is clear that data will be at the epicenter, so it remains vital to have a log tool that can empower enterprises to do more with their data. Contact us for a 15 minute chat to see if LogZilla is for you.

May 17, 2020

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