Just as observability tools responded to the significant growth around IT infrastructure spending to help organizations better manage numerous hardware devices, there are also a growing number of vendors offering tools to manage the rapid growth of cloud costs across the largest and best-known cloud vendors.

While the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) growth continues, customers are searching for ways to mitigate the excessive cloud costs since, as they are variable and dynamic.

Revenues for cloud services are a function of cloud CPU usage (for query processing), and cloud data (for storage). Pricing is typically set at a premium to raw compute and storage costs. Overall, cloud costs may be generally decreasing, but the curve is discontinuous, and frequently, it’s too late once in possession of a bill from the prior month.

How do small to mid-size businesses (SMB) optimize and control the variable compute and storage costs associated with analytical investigation activity?

Algorithmic Deduplication at The Edge

The LogZilla NEO platform is a value-driven and extremely powerful log management tool that can be positioned at the front end of your IT stack. LogZilla NEO will algorithmically identify and reduce duplicate events while maintaining full fidelity to record every event needed for compliance and remediation analysis.  LogZilla NEO allows a clean dataset for more insightful analytic use cases and empowers a proactive approach with real-time data normalization, triggers, filters, granular data rerouting to downstream receivers, self-healing automation, and alerts for mitigation and remediation.

If you are part of a small team at an SMB, or even larger medium size enterprise then you must have a way to see automatically find, and repair, known errors, and incidents. These unknown problems must bubble up to the top and allow the team to solve problems since there just isn’t any extra time for trial and error.

LogZilla NEO enables rapid remediation and cost reduction.

A 30-day trial is free.

September 19, 2022
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