We continue our discussion around why log management is the lifeline to your IT organizations and how you can cope with the challenges. LogZilla is breaking down the most important log management best practices, and why it matters, taking you back to SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE.

Take Advantage of the Top Best Practices

Centralized Log Management Platform

A centralized log file management system stores all your log data in a single, centralized, and accessible location. When logging is fully centralized, log management practices become significantly easier, as they help keep your storage systems organized and reduce the likelihood of logs being lost.

When choosing a log management tool, consider three things:

  1. How much data are you collecting and what do the extra Resources cost you?
  2. Does your solution install in less than 30 seconds and require zero training?
  3. Are you able to keep using your current downstream SIEM?

A few other key points for centralized log management should include the capability of 1) organizing and managing data from multiple sources, 2) searching your logs and establishing retention policies, and 3) simplified sharing with colleagues and other associates.

Make a List and Check it Twice

Many vendors purposely leave out the cost of deploying IT infrastructure log management - they don’t mention all the extra resources you will need (\(\)), thus, you are left overwhelming your IT architectures, and paying through the roof.

  • THE MYTH: Logging everything can’t be accomplished without increasing the complexity and costs associated with log storage.
  • THE TRUTH: Only LogZilla allows you to collect all types of data essential for daily workflows while reducing the massive volume of data sent - without losing fidelity of the source data…all while shaving your costs by 97%.

Scalability is Key

Log data can take up a lot of space, which is often exacerbated when critical issues arise, accelerating the growth of log files because of an increased number of errors. In other words, the amount of log data you need to store at any given time can be unpredictable, and this unpredictability can be expensive and difficult to manage with every single current log management solution, except LogZilla NEO. Check out the easy TCO calculator and see for yourself.

Businesses must choose an enterprise log management tool that’s scalable and can cost-effectively accommodate growth. To determine affordability, carefully consider a solution’s pricing model as well as the amount of resources it needs before committing to purchase to ensure the tool is able to sustain growth without breaking your bank.

Security Must Remain a Priority

A key part of successfully managing logs is ensuring they’re secure. Logs often contain confidential information, which is why businesses must have systems in place to protect log data. First and foremost, IT professionals and teams should ensure they use high-security data transmission systems. Leveraging enhanced transfer protocols should also be a priority because they enable IT to encrypt all log data before files are sent. Other key security capabilities include role-based access controls and secure accounts.

Invest in the Best Log Management Solutions Available

To ensure IT is meeting log management standards, it’s important to invest in an enterprise log management solution capable of meeting your company’s individual needs.

As we mentioned earlier, learn how to reduce the volume of data sent without losing the fidelity of the source data, while significantly reducing the number of resources used…all while still being able to use your current downstream SIEM.

You can also schedule your 15-minute DEMO to find out more.

February 16, 2021

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