Within minutes after installing and pointing your network and server events to the LogZilla server, you’ll get visibility into what is really going on in your environment.

Have you ever considered what your job would be like if you could look at one interface to see the data from your entire infrastructure? In real-time?

What about querying across all that data…in seconds?

How about immediate remediation when an event indicates there is a problem? All of this is available today and the new dashboards make it easier than ever to empower teams, automate, and move from reactive to proactive.  

You can use these out of the box dashboards, customize them, or even build your own in minutes.  All of the dashboards are powerful, and if you work in any type of engineering or operations capacity, you will not find a easier to use platform to solve your NetOps problems and provide the broad, real-time visibility of LogZilla.

These New Dashboards Include:

  • Cisco Networking
  • Cisco Most Actionable
  • Cisco Security
  • Microsoft
  • General
Cisco Network Dashboard

The Cisco Dashboards Provide:

  • Top 10 Cisco Devices with Failures
  • Cisco Events Per Second
  • Failed Events
  • Errored Hosts
  • Cisco Events Per Day
  • Top Cisco Mnemonics
  • Duplex Mismatch
  • Device Power Events
  • Subnet Mismatch
  • Last 5 Cisco Mnemonics
  • Spanning Tree BPDU
  • ASIC Module Error
  • OSPF Neighbor Change
  • Non IPSec-encapsulated Crypto
  • Crypto IKE Message Failure
  • ASIC Port Error
  • IPSec Error - Packet Missing from SADB
  • Crypto Packet Security Association Missing
  • Crypto Packet failed MAC verification
  • OSPF process received an invalid packet
  • Error disabled port has been reenabled
  • OSPF received LSA with wrong mask
  • HSRP VIP does not match the standby VIP
  • Unauthorized connection attempt on a secure port.
  • OSPF Hello Unidentified Sender
  • Interface disabled due to misconfiguration
  • Spanning Tree BPDU received from another bridge
  • Last 10 High Severity Cisco Firewall Messages
  • Live Stream: OpenSSL Handshake Failures
  • Audit Failures
  • Live Stream: High Severity Events
  • Cisco Firewall event rate per second and day
  • 77 Patterns for Most Actionable Firewall Events (This widget contains 77 of Cisco’s Most Actionable Firewall Events)


Cisco Security Dashboard

The Microsoft Dashboard Provides:

  • Top Windows hosts
  • Most recent Windows sources
  • Rate per day and second for Windows events
  • New Process started
  • User logon
  • File share accessed
  • New Service installed
  • Network connections established
  • File Audit
  • Registry Audit
  • Power Shell command line execution
  • Windows Firewall change detection
  • Scheduled task added
  • Host file shares opened
  • New network connection rate per hour


Microsoft Dashboard

The General Dashboard Provides:

  • Rate per day and second
  • Unknown and actionable events
  • Latest unread notifications
  • Top hosts
  • Recent error messages
  • Failed messages
  • Non actionable event rate
  • Most resent event sources

All new installs of LogZilla already have these dashboards pre-installed.

How can I get this awesomeness?

I Can Haz LogZilla?

Get started right here

If you already have LogZilla installed and want the new dashboards (and who wouldn’t?), just type "logzilla upgrade" from your console.

Having a LogZilla NetOps management platform will provide you with incredible visibility and insight, in real-time, to what is happening in your environment.

We would love to help you be the hero in your company. To find out more, feel free to contact me

May 16, 2017
IT Operations

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