In our last three-part posting, we explore why simplifying and making the security programs more efficient and effective requires technology consolidation, but also centralization of data and policies. Security workforce challenges and the volume of threats today require programs that tap into orchestration and automation as much as possible and LogZilla NEO ranked as the world’s #1 centralized log management platform is helping lead that charge.

Many organizations are looking for a more unified approach to the security information and event management (SIEM) platform that centralizes security visibility and incident response on a single platform, providing security analysts not only with the data they need from all environments—a traditional SIEM function, but also adding advanced correlation across numerous security controls installed within those environments, and natively layering in threat intelligence, automation, and orchestration functions to provide analysts and incident responders with a single pane-of-glass view into their environments.

Unified security management aligns people, process, and technology to help reduce complexity and improve the throughput of the whole entire security program. Because quality security programs can’t depend on technology alone, security leaders also need to get creative with resources in order to get the most out of their talented staffers without driving them to burnout or breaking the bank.

Build an adaptable and scalable security program

Ultimately, the goal is to design an adaptive cyber risk and security program that can easily pivot when conditions change as our world has seen post COVID-19.

When revamping the underlying technology and processes of a program, organizations should always keep in mind how everything will be assessed and measured on an ongoing basis. This is crucial for tweaking the program as your business transformation progresses, keeping security aligned with the business at all times, and keeping business executives informed of risk postures along the way.

LogZilla is the world’s only log management platform aiding the most disparate of networks to be resilient and have a solid cyber risk program in place. Reach out to us direct ans schedule your 10 minute LogZilla NEO demo now.

October 4, 2020
Risk Management

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