Most of us agree that logging everything is expensive, so we filter logs to collect only what we believe is important, yet this results in leaving remaining logs on the floor, like crumbs.

Cyber hacks will continue, and collecting anything less than everything, even the innocuous or unimportant, can expose you to unnecessary risk. We saw that the SolarWinds hack occurred because a user was elevated to become an Admin user and the Microsoft Exchange Hafnium hack occurred because someone obtained credentials to on-prem and hybrid exchange servers.

Why do we keep thinking our logging ingest results will be different if we don’t change how we log?

Some vendors deceive customers with ‘Free Ingestion,’ but nothing is ever really free—you always end up paying insane costs for resource usage, analytics, storage and other services with every single vendor in the market—all except LogZilla NEO, which is the most affordable, the fastest, most productive and the most efficient log management software available.

How Can You Win in Less than One Minute?

How do you affordably get full visibility, full observability, at 10TB/day, on a single 1U sever, or single cloud instance that also includes:

  1. Reduce 40%-70% of the downstream data flow without losing a single byte
  2. Unlimited real-time live stream ingestion at full fidelity (to enable threat hunting and respond proactively)
  3. Next Generation Optimized Database with no compression required, and real time normalization and enrichment.
  4. Real time searches (millisecond latency) as all data is ‘hot’
  5. Minimal usage of CPU and RAM

Ready to watch how LogZilla NEO generates an ROI of greater than 40% and payback in less than 90 days (that’s right… the more data you send per day, the higher is the ROI, and the faster is the payback)?

Schedule your 15-minute demo now to see if LogZilla is right for you.

March 30, 2021
Risk Management

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