Fidget Spinners and Street Marketing

Day one at CiscoLive! was amazing. There were so many people standing at the gates ready to get in the show before it opened. It reminded me a lot of the pictures of crowds on Black Friday - only at a much larger scale and with happier people. LogZilla has a booth in the Solutions Showcase and, as fate may have it, right beside the Beer Garden. We are getting a lot of good traffic; so…location, location, location!

There are about twenty other vendors in the Showcase in our area and I am happy to say that we’re consistently more busy than any of them. There are three of us LogZillians working the show and we’re actively recruiting attendees to come meet the team and get a demo of the software. We did hundreds of demos yesterday and met some really great folks.


We decided to offer a fidget spinner as a booth gift to help get us noticed. BEST BOOTH GIFT EVER. People are nuts for these things. I had never seen a spinner before yesterday but I am hooked. Spinning that gadget has the same addictive reaction as a smoker has with nicotine. Seriously, you can’t put this thing down. Here is what we are giving away:

Spinner Handouts

We printed a bunch of small cards to advertise said spinners and walked around handing them out. Clayton took a few and left in the restroom by the hand towels and surprisingly it brought bodies to our booth (YEA! Marketing LogZillians!). One of the attendees was kind enough to send out a hilarious tweet about our cards being in the restrooms to let us know this is how hookers market their services. We wouldn’t know about that, but it made us all laugh and I guess it’s a pretty good indication that we’re getting noticed!


After I post this, I am pretty sure all the other vendors will try, but we did it first and the real happy ending comes from the increased visibility our customer’s get from the LogZilla NetOps Platform!

If you are at CiscoLive! this week, stop by the Solutions Showcase next to the Beer Garden and say hello. We don’t have a lot of spinners left so expect us to get a little creative on how we give these things away.

LogZilla is built by NetOps, for NetOps.

June 27, 2017

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