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The451 Research

It was exciting to have the451 publish their article on LogZilla’s Network Event Orchestrator™ (NEO) platform as a way to reduce the volume of data being sent to tools like Splunk and Elastic Stack, allowing companies to drastically reduce the cost of operating those systems.

We’ve been highlighting the cost savings achieved through a series of live demos (yup, we prove it live!) over the past month and welcome you to take a peek at any one of our short, 17-minute webinars and then try it for yourself.

To Catch a Thief

How a University customer is using NEO to not only detect a stolen device on the network, but how they are using NEO to find which classroom that device is located in…and even notify Campus Police to apprehend the thief - in seconds!

How to reduce Splunk’s costs by 50%

How DLT, the premier government solutions aggregator helps their Federal customers save millions just by using LogZilla NEO as a pre-processor for Splunk.

Making legacy log tools faster, smarter and less expensive

  • What happens when Things Go Wrong?
  • What If Your Network Starts Generating 100x More Events Per Second?
  • Can your NetOps Tools Survive?
  • Can Your SecOps Platform Handle The Load?

With a single line of code and a mere 10-minute install-to-operational-outcome, you can join the thousands of customers who are placing LogZilla in front of Splunk, as a Preduplication™ engine and never leave all that excess data on the floor due to cost limitations.

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The LogZilla Team

April 7, 2022
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