We Are Calling It – Resource Based Pricing Has Hidden Costs

Data Resources are not free - Splunk leads you down a costly path

Clayton Dukes, CEO

We Are Calling It – Resource Based Pricing Has Hidden Costs

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Over the past month, our research team dug deep into an updated pricing model that Splunk rolled out where they claimed financial relief with a new ‘resource-based’ and unlimited pricing options, but our findings revealed nothing, nada, zilch — there was zero price reduction or data storage cost relief for IT, rather, we found an increase buried in Splunk’s fine print.

We Are Calling It: Splunk’s use of the word ‘unlimited’ is merely decades-old-lipstick-on-a-pig because customers still have to pay for all the Resources (data storage) and we all know that data storage costs continue to rise.

Splunk’s Unlimited Workload and Resource Based pricing is nothing more than fancy [fine print] wording and the rising costs of data storage still loom for Splunk’s customers…and ELK. LogZilla will explore ELK’s crippling pricing next week, but you can catch a glimpse of our findings below or watch the ‘ELK Revealed’ video.

Performance of ELK vs. Splunk vs. LogZilla
Performance of ELK vs. Splunk vs. LogZilla

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Clayton Dukes

Clayton Dukes


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Clayton Dukes leverages over two decades of experience in network systems design, implementation, and management. Early years included designing an open source solution to solve network event management challenges as a Datacenter Lead Engineer at Cisco, which and ultimately led to a later-creation of the LogZilla Network Event Orchestrator platform. Dukes has co-authored the CCIE SP OPS certification and resides in North Carolina.
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