The Fine-Print Exposes Splunk, Elastic, Data Dog, and Others

How Can You Win When Pricing is Based on Resources Used?

Richard Piotrowski, Founder and COO

The Fine-Print Exposes Splunk, Elastic, Data Dog, and Others

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Our research team spent weeks combing through the fine print in Contracts from a variety of cloud-based log management and SIEM services and uncovered where your rising costs are coming from, and how to stop them, for good.


You send IT architecture data to cloud-based log management or SIEM provider, but there is always more data, meaning you are forced to add a new resource, or two, or three - and your vendor’s pricing matrix is a combination of the volume of the data sent + all the resources used.


Splunk, Elastic, Sumo Logic, and DataDog, and Humio must pay their cloud hosting vendors like Amazon (AWS) and Microsoft (Azure), and you are the one paying.


What if you could reduce the volume of data sent and reduce the number of resources used while maintaining full fidelity of the source data in real-time and still be able to use your current SIEM? LogZilla’s NEO uses a multi-patented deduplication algorithm (it acts like a pre-processor) to your downstream services.

LogZilla NEO can achieve over 74% deduplication out of the box (a 30-second install) so that your downstream resources being used are significantly reduced and you benefit from lower costs.

LZ NEO installs in less than one minute with no training required, ever
LZ NEO installs in less than one minute with no training required, ever


Vendors like Humio, Splunk, ELK, DataDog, SumoLogic, etc. say they can scale, but the ability to horizontally scale means adding extra resources, and that will cost you money.

Go ahead and keep your current cloud-based SIEM log management vendor, but position LogZilla NEO in front to eliminate the duplicate data, noise, and separate silos of information.


Elasticsearch announced this month that it was going to ‘fork’ its codebase at version 7.11 meaning your business risks and costs will go up significantly.

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Richard Piotrowski

Richard Piotrowski

Founder and COO

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Richard leverages two decades of helping companies grow. At LogZilla, he is focused on planning, execution, and financial acumen to develop compelling selling strategies. Richard spent over a decade working on Wall Street and Bay Street and earned a #1 ranking in Canada.
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