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an easy to use and highly scalable event management solution.

If you need an intuitive, easy to use and highly scalable event management solution, Logzilla is the product for you. Whether it's syslog, snmp, or ANY text-based machine data, we can handle it quickly and efficiently. Unlike other software in its industry, LogZilla automatically tracks both Cisco Mnemonics and Windows Event ID's to allow you to easily locate any problems in your network.

Our philosophy from the start has been to build based on speed and simplicity. There's no need to take classes to learn to use Logzilla. Just type in what you're looking for and click 'Search'. We'll even give you a free Webex conference and walk you through using and customizing Logzilla.

Most logging solutions charge per megabyte of data. Logzilla licensing is based on the number of hosts you monitor, and the messages per day coming into your server. With our Deduplication feature, this can translate to huge savings in disk space and processor utilization.