We know that your network is your business. Be proactive. Go LogZilla.

Responsive Layout

The LogZilla UI allows you to have a single interface to deliver the same comfort and usability whether you are at your desk, using a tablet by the pool, or on a mobile phone.

Scalable System

LogZilla v5 scales to 65,000 nodes and can be deployed to bare metal, virtual or mixed environments, all while allowing access to the entire domain from a single interface.

High Performance

Our new version is capable of ingesting millions of events per second - numbers previously considered unattainable in the industry.

Take Action

LogZilla is the only software in the world which allows you to mark both current and/or future events as "Actionable" or "Non-Actionable" while still maintaining metrics on the events. Under normal operation, administrators may ignore a single failed login event - however, 1000 of them per minute should trigger alarms.

Event Automation

LogZilla provides a scripting interface to "trigger" actions based on defined alerts. This scripting interface allows users to perform automated actions such as sending emails, verifying outages, verifying URL's, opening trouble tickets, etc.

Event Enrichment

The LogZilla scripting interface may also be used to enrich data collected from incoming event triggers. Network diagrams, circuit information, SLAs, log history, performance history, contact information, login history, etc. can all be automatically looked up in other sources of information.

Enhanced Notifications

Along with many other alert options such as email and scripts, LogZilla v5 allows you to configure triggers to issue "console alerts" (to the web interface) and will also keep track all notifications made by any triggered events.

Smart Search

LogZilla allows searching from every part of the user interface at any time whether on the main page or another page. Furthermore, changing an option or a filter in your search automatically filters the search results so that you don't have to return to the main page to make alterations to your criteria.

Powerful Dashboards

Users can define their own dashboards or select from a list of pre-defined widgets to get started. Widgets can be further customized to any specifications.

Role Based Access Control

LogZilla allows for granular control over which users can access which resources. For example: Firewall Teams may only need to see their events, which the Server Teams should only have access to events from their systems. Additionally, RBAC allows for granular control of which portions of the web interface can be access by each user or group.


LogZilla comes with plenty of "pre-defined" widget types to get you started. However, all widgets can be customized to your own liking. Don't like that pie chart? Change it to a histogram, grid, line, donut or whatever you like!

Events per second widget


LogZilla v5 allows users to create a wide array of customized reports such as, Top Hosts, Top Errors, Top Security Violations, etc. Additionally, the reporting interface may be used to generate compliance reports such as PCI-DSS, SoX, HIPAA, and many more.

Simple and Intuitive Interace

LogZilla was designed with the user in mind. Every aspect of our interface is about the experience so that users intuitively understand how to use the tool from the first time they log in.


LogZilla was designed by a recognized world expert on network management architectures and large scale syslog management with years of experience building, maintaining and consulting to Fortune 500 Network Operations.

Preventing Problems

Don't wait for an outage. LogZilla will help you get from "fire fighting" mode back to maintaining a well-oiled machine.